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Curriculum Kits



OCEAN POLLUTION SOLUTIONS curriculum kit includes microplastics collected from Kamillo Beach Hawaii, allowing students to sort and describe the kinds of plastics plaguing the global ocean.  The kit includes plastic items bitten by fish, to show real animal interactions. Also included are fragments of fishing nets and random plastic items to show students the different kinds of plastics found in the ocean.  Students will learn about ocean plastic types, abundance in the ocean, impacts on wildlife, and the many solutions being employed globally to stop the problem.  All activities conform to Next Gen science standards.


GROW curriculum kit engages students in science concepts related to agriculture, school gardens and nutrient and water cycles. Students will create "SEED BALLS" with enough clay, compost and seeds for an entire classroom.  These can be saved for months without germinating deposited in any garden anywhere, to grow food wherever there's water and sun.  All activities conform to Next Gen science standards.



ECOLOGY AND EXTINCTIONS curriculum kit includes a fragment of a real triceratops frill encased in simulated rock for students to excavate. The kit also includes samples of 65 million year old fossils from Wyoming that represent the habitat that existed when the meteorite killed all dinosaurs, causing the 5th mass extinction in earth's history.  Students will learn about mass extinctions, biology of dinosaurs, reconstructing ancient habitats based on fossils, and evidence of modern extinction events. All activities conform to Next Gen science standards.

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